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Let's take you through how it works

Social networks are the new norm for how many of us keep in touch with one another, but imagine one where you can feel free to post whatever you wish, knowing only your closest family and friends would see. One that you can feel as though you own. One that can be a more creative replacement for a group chat: Welcome to TheHub

Here you have a place where you can escape and feel comfortable enough to not just be yourself, but to express who you really are. In TheHub you have total control, and with that control, you can create the world you really want to live in; no strangers, no distractions, just you and those closest

Make your own Hubs

Ever fancied a whole social networking site just for your own group chats? Welcome to your Hub. With you being in full control as to who is in your Hub and whose invited, you can create your own social Hubs and flick between them as you wish. Have a friendsHub, a familyHub, a workHub, or a whatever-you-want-to-call-it-Hub. Be in control of who you interact with and how

Connect with your Hubmates +

Gone are the days where you receive requests from strangers or feel restricted as to what you can post because you're not quite sure whose watching. Each user has a unique ID and this is how you can find and add your Hubmates to eliminate the ability of strangers stumbling across you or your Hub. Simply search for your Hubmates ID and invite them to your Hub

Shout all about it!

Feeling like you want to share something with your Hubmates for them to view, star and comment? Shout about it! Our Shout feature is the way you can share something for all your Hubmates to view and interact with

Stars Stars Stars

If you like what someone shouted, star it! If you agree with what someone is shouting, star it! Or if you just want to be that supportive friend and show you've got their back, star it! Stars are a quick way to show your appreciation for what someone is shouting. Get enough stars on your own Shouts and you can unlock the Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts

Shh! Let me tell you something...

Sometimes, even amongst your friends and family, things aren't worth shouting about. Here in your Hub you can send Whispers to your Hubmates and only the recipient will see this message. Send images, view when your Whisper has been seen, and should you really need a Hubmates attention, 'PSST!! them. 'PSST!!' is a button that sends an attention grabbing message, so you can be ignored no more!